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Maybe Dreams Can Come True
A contemporary mix of narrative, experimental and documentary filmmaking thus creating a haunting portrayal of one young woman’s journey from home, success in the international spotlight and back – maybe.
The story of a "sista" named Chocolat (French pronunciation) who has been working abroad as a performer for a number of years,  but she doesn't consider herself an ex-patriot. When asked about her life in Europe she states, "I'm just in transition." Basically she is working on getting back to the US. After a heated conversation with her boyfriend (in the US), Chocolat realizes that she is a tourist in her own country; and impulsively buys a small video camera; which becomes an important instrument for exploring and questioning her life. With her video camera in hand, she goes on a quest to interview some of her American friends (in Europe); and discovers that the majority have no intentions of returning to the United States. She interviews them to find out why. Is she the only one who wants to go home?


Chocolat is a lead character in a musical in Germany. You see her in her costume; putting on make-up; filming the other amazing characters in the theater, etc. Her quest eventually goes to Paris (where she has an apartment; and an agent). She interviews her American friends in Paris ( A model, a fashion photographer, a drag queen, etc.) Through Chocolat's life, we see the beauty of three artistic cities (New York, Paris, Hamburg); and explore the different cultures (without it being the main focus). While the highlight of Chocolat's film is about Americans; she also speaks to her friends from other cultures (off camera). Brazilians, Cubans, Africans, etc... Why are they abroad? Do they intend to return to their countries? What are the common elements that drew all of her friends far from their homes (economics, politics, sexual freedom, etc.)? In the back drop of all interviews, the camera captures amazing performance art lifestyles. 99% of the people interviewed are artists.