Electra Weston

Maybe Dreams Can Come True
A contemporary mix of narrative, experimental and documentary filmmaking thus creating a haunting portrayal of one young woman’s journey from home, success in the international spotlight and back – maybe.

Electra Weston (originally from Harlem, New York) has been traveling as an  entertainer throughout Europe, Africa, and the United States for an important  part of her life.  Electra’s career continues to exploit her artistic training  in music, theater, and dance. Her professional dance career has taken her  classical formation into a variety of rhythmic styles; and throughout the  African Diaspora. She toured as a dancer for Diblo Dibala and Matchatcha  (Republic of Congo), Yankadi Show (Côte d'Ivoire), Kakandi (Guinee-Conakry),  Mister Boeuf (Brazil), Congo Mambo (Cuba).  Her recording hits include,  "Alright" and "Music & the Rhythm" (East/West, Warner),  "Light of the Sun" and  "Change" (UCMG France).  Her film credits include principle roles in Laetitia  Masson's "Only You" (2000); John Pepper's "Papillon de Nuit" (2001);  "Un Homme,  Un Vrai" by Jean Marie and Arnaud Larrieu (2002); and Jonathan Demme's "The  Truth about Charlie" (2002). Later, Electra  combined her talents in Hamburg, Germany as a principle role in Disney's  Musical, "The Lion King;" and “Chiffon” in the comedy horror rock musical,  “Little Shop of Horrors.” She recently finished up a run with the prestigious  North American Tour of The Lion King. While preparing to release her project as  filmmaker/producer: “Maybe Dreams Can Come True.”