Silver the Musical

Maybe Dreams Can Come True
A contemporary mix of narrative, experimental and documentary filmmaking thus creating a haunting portrayal of one young woman’s journey from home, success in the international spotlight and back – maybe.

Silver the musical
takes place in the northwestern part of seventh galaxy (closest to Orion). The seventh galaxy is dominated by the silver and gold rays of light. Their primary function is to transmit energy to the sun to ensure its survival. The golden rays of light give energy to the sun so that it may rise each new life sequence. While the silver rays of light cool the sun so that it may set. Each kingdom generates tiny ray offspring, which energize and support the sun during its transitional periods (known in mankind’s earth orbit as dusk and dawn). The tiny rays of light are led by the only existing mutation of both Gold and Silver (Prince Elegbara).

At one time, the golden rays were the sole source of energy to the sun. Because of numerous unexplained explosions throughout the galaxy, the primary sun source was weakened. In order to survive, the sun beckoned the Silver kingdom from the third galaxy (adjacent to the eastern moon star) for help. The silver king (RA) and queen (Maré) traveled great distances with their kingdom to aid the primary sun source (known to them as Father Sun). This great voyage was impossible without direct energy from the youngest and strongest of the silver rays of light (Prince Asar).

The dominant conflict within the seventh galaxy is that the golden rays of light have never welcomed the Silver kingdom. The Gold king (Yaweh) feels that his people are the most important source for the sun; and is determined to send the Silver kingdom back to the third galaxy. The conflict is weakening the primary sun source; and leading to their ultimate destruction.